The importance of control and lean management of IBM i systems

We reduce and optimize the times of our activities

5 reasons why checking your IBM i system is critical

Monitor security
How do you tell that the new security software is effective? How can we respond to those who ask us for a report on how system security has improved?
Only by constantly checking what is happening on the system can we assess the level of safety we are at and plan new interventions for ever better safety.

Check to handle security as a process and not as an end point
Security must become a fundamental point in the corporate IT culture and not an obligation due to the regulations we have to comply with.
Every project or process cannot be separated from safety. Controlling it allows us to continuously improve it.
It is like an infinite cycle that tends to reduce risks more and more.
The cost of lost or damaged business data is much higher than the cost of bringing systems under control.

Streamlining intervention procedures
Very often it happens that, for a requested information or a reported error, we start long interactive sessions on the systems, made up of commands and generation of outputs to be analyzed manually and on time.
Technologies help us and today we can do the same things in a more streamlined way, from your PC and without entering the system directly.

Present problems to be solved and plan their resolution
Checking the operation and security of the systems helps us to keep them at their best, but we often find ourselves having to take stock of the situation to plan the activities to correct anomalies.
How many disabled users do we have? How many profiles do not follow the security rules? Who are the profiles that never enter the system? Are the server resources sufficient? Who uses them more than others?
Whoever checks for us provides us with all this information and helps us plan evolutionary activities with objective data

Preventing issue
Monitoring means prevention. When the user calls us to tell us "nothing works anymore", it is often late and the problem has already spread.
Having a system that checks for us and immediately catches the problem helps us anticipate solutions

Marco Moret Monitoring Project Manager at smeup ICS

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